Product Is Lying To You

Your Own Product Is Lying To You

Nobody wants to buy a newsletter, a book, or a course.

Think about it. Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and said “Damn…I need to buy a book”…

…or have you ever shook your girlfriend/boyfriend and said “Baby, we really need to buy another course!”

Hell no.

And if you think you have, you’re wrong.

By the end of this post, you'll be able to...

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    Turn your writing into a magnetic force that customers can't help but be pulled towards
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    Avoid response-killing mistakes even the pro's make at the end of their letters

Sounds pretty impressive, right?

Well here’s the bad news.

This secret is hard to wrap your head around.

I mean, I struggled to really “visualize” what it meant, how I could use it and how to get it “right”.

But then, it’s not called a “masters level secret” for nothing.

So let’s start here:

What Is

You might have heard it a hundred times already, but it’s worth repeating.

Transparency is just recognising that you’re not selling what you think you’re selling.

In other words, you’re not selling a newsletter…

You’re not selling a book…

You’re not selling a course…

You’re not selling copywriting services…

And so on.

Nobody Wants
That Stuff!

What people actually want is something deeper…

Something close to their heart.

They want what the book can give them. They want to be more successful…they want to show off their knowledge…they want to be part of the “in crowd”.


If you want to test this, just ask some of the "toughest" dudes you know if they read Harry Potter...most have...and they didn't read it because they like magic, wands and little house-elves. They read it to be part of the group who had.

I know, I know…it may be obvious to some.

But not many out there go deep enough.

Copywriting isn't an 80/20 industry's more like 95/5...

95% of the copywriters out there know features and benefits – and that’s as far as it goes. That’s all she wrote. That’s the end of the line.

They never make the product “transparent” – where the reader sees through the actual “thing”…straight to the benefits.

Newbies spend too much time talking about what it is. Too much time on features and surface-level benefits.

When instead…

What you actually want is to make them almost forget what the product is.

You want them to not care what they’re physically getting – you want to put them in a place where they’re so absorbed and excited about the benefits, it’s a small afterthought that they’re just getting a book, or a course, or a 1-to-1.

In other words, if you can put your prospect at a place where their reaction would be the same whether it was a 50 page book…or a  12 week course…then the chances are you’re writing damn good copy.

Even The Pros
Obey The 95/5 Rule

It’s a slightly different version but hey…

This principle is supposed to apply in more than one place so I’m using it.

Some “pro copywriters” will make it 95% of the way through the copy and then blurt out the remaining 5% with little respect for this rule.

Words just tumble out with no real effect other than a wake up call to your prospect…

A realization that yes, you are just getting a book…

It does have just 50 pages…

I am overcharging you…

…because…it is just a book.

And before the sale is made, the prospect is brought slamming back to earth...

He’s given the chance to think “hmm, I don’t need another book though”…or…”hmm, I didn’t even read the last book I bought”…or…”psh, all that in a 50 page book, I don’t believe it for a second!”


Here’s where it gets confusing.

Because you have to include something about what you’re actually selling…right?

That question left me stumped.

It left me feeling just as confused as before I started…what was I supposed to include?

And how much of it?

Well, the answer to this lies in next weeks blog post.

For now, practice thinking through the product…practice turning your features into benefits and then going further and further with it.

It’s one of the keys to world-class copywriting.

Yours for straight lines to bigger profits,

Dan “Be Invisible” Mallon