You’ll “Never Get Paid For Them” … But They Could Make You Millions

To a trained copywriter … today’s topic is hardly “news”.

Yet it’s the one thing that almost every major direct response company values over anything else.

And ironically, it’s something most people say you’ll NEVER get paid for…


The million-dollar giants like Agora, Stansberry Research, The Motley Fool, and others … all hunt for idea-generators.

And if it’s not something you’ve been naturally blessed with, then the daily ritual they prescribe might just be your saving grace.

It’s surprisingly simple…

And it’s super-effective…

All you have to do is write down a single idea every day.

It’s better for you if it’s an idea relevant to your business, market or product…

…but it still works wonders if it’s an idea about your day-to-day life.

Here’s a few examples:

Idea 1: Investing in a Russian mobile phone company today, will bring you almost-guaranteed windfall profits tomorrow —the weird part is, it’s all thanks to Tesla.

Idea 2: Surging travel demand to Asian countries has lead to an almost $30 billion “travel” deal — you still have time to profit BIG if you scoop up stocks in tourist-type companies.

Idea 3: The US Military are building a space plane … this huge increase in spending with no immediate return could crash many portfolios that invest heavily in the military.

Now, those aren’t genius ideas … maybe they’d turn a profit if they were the big idea in a promotion, maybe they wouldn’t.

But that’s the whole point.

You see, I didn’t spend more than a couple of minutes on a news site to come up with those 3 ideas…

And sure, if I had spent more time on them, they’d be better.

But that’s not the goal of this task.

The goal is to get an idea down.

And by showing you a few mediocre ones…

I wanted you to see that it doesn’t matter how good or bad your idea is — it only matters that you write one!

WHY? Because you’re still flexing your idea muscle.

And spending time doing that is invaluable.

To both your progression…

…and eventually your bank balance.

And I can say that because, remember:

Every million-dollar promotion starts with a good idea.

And every billion-dollar company started with a great idea.

Get flexin’.

Dan Mallon