The Difference Between A Benefit…And A BENEFIT

I got asked a question today about the difference between a benefit and a deeper, real benefit.

It’s funny how you take for granted that even successful businesses…or successful entrepreneurs are not selling what they should be selling.

They’re selling a surface-level benefit instead of a deeper desire.

And here’s the kicker.

You could still be making a ton of money doing it “wrong”.

But it’s like having a tap half open, you’re gonna get something out, but opening it fully would bring you more clients, more sales, and more money.

So here it is:

If you were a personal trainer...what do you think you'd be selling?

Weight loss? Nope.

Better fitness? Nope.

Healthier life? Nope. 

Any ideas?

How about to get skinnier? To get six pack abs? To look good naked? No, no, no.

But we are getting closer…

You're selling self-interest...self-esteem...sometimes the desire for a longer, healthier life...

Yes, you get all the other things as “bonuses”. But they’re not the main driving force behind why people find and pay personal trainers.

So, considering most people get this wrong…heck, even most copywriters get this wrong…you’d do yourself a huge favour to sit down and think about what you actually sell.

If you match your product, service, or coaching to that ultimate outcome, you will almost certainly make more sales, earn more money and live a better, richer life.

Till’ next time.


Yours For Straight Lines To Profits,

Dan “Think Deeper” Mallon