The Secret To Taking Action

Taking action isn’t easy.

But the key — no … the solution — is taking small simple steps every day.

The most elite fighting forces in the world ALL train their soldiers to make the bed each and every morning.

They don’t do that because they want to be neat and tidy…

Or because they want to keep them in line…

They do it because it teaches discipline…

…and it sets up a productive ritual.

A ritual where, every morning, no matter what, those soldiers have “achieved” some success.

Yes, it might be a small success … perhaps even a pointless success in your eyes  —  but it’s better than nothing, and it can often set the tone for the rest of the day.

But we’re not soldiers…

And as much as I would like to say making your bed every morning might make you a better writer or entrepreneur  —  I cant prove it.

So I’d be lying if I did try to tell you that’s the key.

But there is one ritual that CAN make you better at writing, and “entreprenuering”.

It really can bring benefit after benefit after benefit if you give it chance.

The best part? It’s something a 6 year old could do.

What's the big secret?

Write in a journal every day.

It doesn’t matter what you write … or whether it makes sense.

It doesn’t even matter if you only end up writing about the crappy day you’ve had.

The only thing that does matter is that you do it every day.


In fact, some of the Agora branches make it crystal clear they’ll fire you on the spot if you forget to write in your journal.

Harsh? Maybe.

But the results their copywriters get are nothing short of mind-blowing.

They’re the kind of results that would turn any business into a rapid-fire money printer.

The problem is, missing a journal entry isn’t the only thing Agora will fire you for…

There’s another daily task, even more important.

And if you miss it even once, they’ll kick you out lightening-quick with your tail still between your legs.

But the truth is: If the giants behind Agora say these daily rituals are important enough to be fired over  —  then they must be game-changers.

And they are.

The one I’ll tell you about next time, is responsible for EVERY million-dollar promotion to have EVER been written.

Excited? I hope so.

See you soon,

Dan Mallon