The Key That Unlocks The Door To A New, Better Life In 2018

You’re wasting your potential.

That’s what almost every high school teacher told me at some point in my 5 years there.

And I don’t blame them.

In some ways, I probably DID waste my “potential”…

But I’ve always held onto the sometimes twisted belief that everything happens for a reason — and if I had knuckled down … spent hours, days and weeks studying and revising … pulling my hair out at the final exams … and maybe even being the proverbial teacher’s pet…

Well, I think my life would be horribly boring right now.

Instead, I’m staring down the barrel of being able to earn enough money this year to move to a beautiful Greek Island…

…and I don’t think I’ll ever have to worry about “going out to work” again.

I’m not saying that to brag, I’m saying it because if a “waste of potential” like me can get to this stage, I truly believe anyone can.

Most people go through life following
the tracks put in front of them

Whether it’s by their parents, their teachers, society, friends, partners … or even themselves.

They never truly find what they want to do with the rest of their lives…

They just, exist.

Working 9–5 for a company they hate…

Doing a job they don’t enjoy…

For money they’re not happy with…

Waiting for the summer so they can book a couple of weeks away in the sun.

And if I’d been a better student at school, that would be my life too.

But that’s why I’m writing you today…

…so you’ll walk away from this knowing you do have a choice…

…you’ll know what your first step should be, and how to make it…

…and you’ll be stunned when I tell you that…

Making that step doesn’t have to cost you a single penny.

That’s right.

I’m not here pitching you on some “life-changing course” that I’ll eventually tell you I want a thousand bucks for — hell no!

All this is, and all it’ll ever be, is advice.

You can take it or leave it…

But if you DO take it, and you decide to do something exceptional (like others before you have)…

Then you too may be living your dream life in a few short months.

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