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Welcome to the Straight Line Copywriting Resources section, a list of the tools and websites I highly recommend for building and optimizing your business. I have tested every recommendation on this page. Many of the resources listed here are crucial to running my business (or were crucial to getting where I am today).

Before digging into the awesome resources I know, trust and love:

Some of the links below are affiliate links. This just means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a small commission — this commission comes at no additional cost to you. I have only recommended tools or resources that I've personally used or had experience with. I only recommend them because they were helpful to me and will hopefully be just as good to you. 

​Copywriting Books
The master's collection that every copywriter — and everyone else — should own 

Tested Advertising Methods 

by John Caples (Author)

As close to the Holy Bible of copywriting as you'll ever get. Countless millions — maybe even billions — have been earned as a direct result of the words inside this book. Use it to create dozens of checklists to help improve every part of
your ad — then sit back and watch as your income skyrockets!

Making Ads Pay

by John Caples  (Author)

Copywriting legend John Caples gives you a play-by-play walk through of how he wrote his most famous sales letter. Use his checklists to speed up every project, and make more money in less time!

How to Make Your Advertising Make Money
by John Caples (Author)

A source book every copywriter, creative director, and business executive shouldn't be without. You'll get: 12 ways to find advertising ideas ... 303 words and phrases that sell
... sales appeals that last forever ... and much, MUCH more! This is one you can fall back on every time you write a new ad!

​Scientific Advertising
by Claude C Hopkins (Author)

There's a quote on the cover from a copywriting legend. It says that nobody should be allowed around advertising before they've read this book 7 times. Yes, it's dated. But the principles inside still apply today. Don't believe me? Hopkins points out how distracted and time-short people are . . . that you need to do what you can to get attention . . . that you should ignore everyone you're NOT trying to get to buy! 

​The Robert Collier Letter Book
by Robert Collier (Author)

Possibly the most underrated book on this list. It's NOT the kind of thing you're riveted to and read through in one go ... it's the kind of book you dip into, pull out nuggets of solid gold and then go about your day. There are hundreds of successful sales letters ... and possibly thousands of marketing tips that can all kick your business-growth into high gear!

by Al Ries (Author), Jack Trout (Contributor)

You could be the best copywriter in the world . . . but unless you have the rare skill of knowing how to position products as head and shoulders above the competition, you'll struggle to ever make it into the big leagues!

Writing Tools
Tools to help you write better copy, faster

Words that Sell
by Richard Bayan (Author)

Every writer . . . and every copywriter . . . should own a Thesaurus. Even if it's just to let everyone know you're a real writer! But this little desk-reference is targeted straight at the words you can use to sell your product more effectively! For a few bucks, you can't go wrong here!

A tool that's much, much, MUCH more than just another grammar-nazi . . .

Imagine slipping-up next time you're trying to seal the deal with a client . . . or updating your social media with a new post and missing an awkward error before pressing publish. Grammarly catches those mistakes like a trusty sidekick and helps you kick your writing back to professional. It's my go-to proof reader . . . WITHOUT having to pay another salary!

High Quality Images
Pictures so good they're worth TWO thousand words

​Pic Monkey
Stock photos are rookie-league. Quickly make your unique mark with this easy-to-use photo-editor...

Every business needs to be on social media — you already know that ... but here's an easy way to take the stress and strain out of all your "design" tasks. Pic Monkey has ready-made templates for all social media posts, and a photo-editor to make every single one look unique.

Courses That Work
Fast-track your learning with these courses, given by world-class experts

Affiliate bootcamp

Retire in 100 days . . . have your dream car paid for . . . learn affiliate marketing for free . . . what more could you want?

I haven't come across a single course that goes so in depth into all the things you need to promote ANY kind of product. Facebook ads training? Check. How to use other types of traffic? Check. Email Sequences? Check. Community building? Split testing? Sales funnel set up? Check, check, CHECK! There's no catch because they want you to promote Clickfunnels with your new skill set. Honestly, it's worth every red cent of the $997 value. BUT IT'S FREE!

Build Your Website
Rapidly build a website with NO experience ... for next-to-nothing!


Here's how to get your perfect website name cheap (hold on a darn minute) . . .

There's not much you can do without having a name for your website. But it's not the kind of thing you want to pay an arm and a leg for either. So stick with the place that has the best prices and you won't go far wrong!

​blue host
Powering over 2 million websites . . . the #1 recommended host by WordPress . . . and a money-back guarantee!

But there's more. One-click installs to make your new websites a breeze to get started . . . a free SSL security certificate to boost safety and trust . . . the 24/7 expert support team have got your back so you can sleep soundly at night . . . ALL for less than five bucks a month?! Sign me up! 

​​smart passive income theme
Pat Flynn earned over $167,550 on this blog, just last month! Some months he earns more, others he earns a LOT more . . .

Get a huge jump-start on your website by copying and pasting the exact web-design that Pat Flynn used to grow his business to a six-figure per month income. It doesn't get much easier than this!

​Productivity Tools
Get ahead — and stay ahead — of all your competitors, all the time

tomato timer

The secret behind a million-dollar copywriter's success . . .

Gene Schwartz — a true legend of copywriting, and the man behind a large chunk of the success of publishing-giant Rodale — used a tomato timer for his entire career. He said this simple device was crucial to writing winning promotions
. . . and with this extension you don't even have to buy one.

tomato timer (chrome)

Tap into the same power above for free . . . PLUS, a way to block procrastination from ever getting hold of you.

This little chrome extension helps curb any procrastination when I know I should be working. Add any websites you usually get distracted on, then switch the timer on. The extension will block you from accessing those websites until it's break time (or until you turn it off). 

​Email Marketing
Get ahead — and stay ahead — of all your competitors, all the time

Finally simplify email marketing with a visual automation builder — see your entire email sequence on one screen!

When email marketing can be worth $41 return for every $1 you spend on it — it makes sense for THIS to be the one thing you pay over the odds for. I mean, where else will you see that kind of profit? By combining powerful automation with a visual workflow . . . throwing in some A/B testing . . . and adding a bit of easy-editing magic . . . you can tap into that same goldmine and hopefully see the same income-boost!

​Landing Pages
Get ahead — and stay ahead — of all your competitors, all the time

Using marketing software these days is like trying to fit a jigsaw together without even being able to see the pieces.

Instead of having all your marketing and sales stuff scattered over six different websites . . . and not knowing which one will work with the other . . . ClickFunnels puts everything you could want in one place. That means you can open yourself up to focus on the "bigger things" — like making more money!

​Keyword Research
Give yourself an unfair advantage on every blog post you ever write


One of the fastest — and surest — ways to get a HUGE jump on your competitors is with real competitor research. . .

If you're sick of competitors ALWAYS being one step ahead, then you can use Semrush's market research to leapfrog them . . . and . . . squash any chance of them making a comeback.

longtail pro

There's no need to get dragged into a back-alley fist-fight over a few keywords that you think are popular.

Th key benefit you get is a way of finding the long-tail keywords that people ACTUALLY use, when searching for a solution to their problem. Think about it, you don't type "dog grooming" into Google if you want to LEARN how to groom your dog . . . you type "how to groom your dog". Having a list of keywords just like that — that you can target easily — is what separates the experts from the rookies!