Key To Success In Copywriting

The One Key To Success In Copywriting

What do all these things have in common?

(And no, it's not that they're books...)

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    How To Win Friends And Influence People - Dale Carnegie
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    Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - Steven Covey
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    Scientific Advertising - Claude Hopkins
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    The Tipping Point - Malcolm Gladwell
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    What Color Is Your Parachute? - Richard Bolles
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    The Ultimate Marketing Plan - Dan Kennedy
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    How To Write A Good Advertisement - Victor Schwab

Do you know what they have in common?

I already told you it’s not that they’re books…

It’s not that they’re all relevant to a copywriter…

It’s not that they’re all written by men (unintentional)…

Any ideas? No?

Well, in a few short minutes you’ll know.

And having that knowledge will mean you can burst down the door to a higher level of copywriting…a higher conversion rate…and…higher profits.

So, what do they have in common?

Just ONE Thing

That’s what they all share. Just one thing.

One single, clear idea. One message.

Think about it…

  • How To Win Friends and Influence People…
  • Scientific Advertising…
  • The Tipping Point…

Some of the most successful (nonfiction) books in the world were written with just one big idea.

But here’s the part you need to know about.

Those "single idea" successes don't just apply to book titles...

They’re present in 90 of the top 100 headlines written in Vic Schwab’s book.

90% of the headlines had just one big idea.

  • The Secret Of Making People Like You
  • To Men Who Want To Quit Work Someday
  • Are You Ever Tongue-Tied At A Party?
  • When Doctors Feel Rotten This Is What They Do
  • How I Made A Fortune With A Fool Idea

All. One. Idea.

You see, if you start your promotion off on the right foot, it almost guarantees to help carry you through the letter with clarity.

And clarity is one of the biggest downfalls of 99% of the copywriters out there today.

There’s never a clear, crisp point.

They dance around.

Connecting one thing to the next with a few “transition words”…never realising that they’re just spinning their wheels.

Now, the hard part is….

Finding The One
Big Idea

You see, it’s hard because you have to be precise.

Like a sniper – if you miss by an inch, you miss by a mile.

So companies like Early To Rise…AWAI…Agora…and so on, all dropped their shotguns and picked up their snipers. They had a way to be pin-point accurate.

A way to keep all of their writers on the Straight Line.

From A to B.

From open to close.

With ONE idea in mind.

But, they soon found the rule went way beyond just ideas. 

It extends through all of your copy – reaching 5 critical elements that you must include.

  • One Big Idea
  • One Core Emotion
  • One Captivating Story
  • One Desired Benefit
  • One Inevitable Response

If you tick all of these boxes on every promotion. It’s almost a sure-thing that your profits will multiply.

Choosing just one thing is the driving force behind great copy.

Make Writing Great
Copy Easier

One of the biggest struggles for newbie copywriters is finding and using real benefits to sell their product.

You’re never selling a book.

You’re selling what the book can do for your reader.

You’re never selling a course.

You’re selling what the course gives the student.

You’re never selling the fact your doo-dat has 5 more buttons. 

You’re selling what those 5 buttons will do.

  • You’re selling the dream of a new, happier life.
  • You’re selling the skills to write your own paycheck.
  • You’re selling time – time he’ll save every time he needs to use the doo-dat.

Not only do newbie writers struggle with this part…they then struggle to pick and choose the right benefits. And through frustration, they often throw EVERYTHING at their customer.

It's like using a shotgun with your eyes closed.

So, how do you follow this principle?


You use the straight line.

But more on that next time.


Yours for straight lines to bigger profits,

Dan “Just One” Mallon