I Hate To Say It, But It’s Not Looking Good Out There…

If you’re a copywriter, marketer or business owner who makes a living on the internet, know this: The odds are well and truly stacked against you.

In the first minute that it takes you to read the start of this message…

  • Over 216,000 photos have been uploaded to Instagram
  • 1.8 million like-buttons were pressed on Facebook
  • 2 million Google searches took place
  • 571 new websites were born
  • 204 million emails were sent
  • And over 72 hours of video was uploaded

So when your income and your very livelihood depends on you being able to stand out among the crowd, the real question is…

How on earth do you beat odds like that?

The obvious answer is by grabbing attention.

But if you’re a seasoned veteran, you might have guessed the answer is by grabbing attention AND holding it — long enough to turn your casual readers into fans … your prospects into customers … and your customers into hyper-active big-spenders.

Well today, I want to show you how to do that. And as a result, show you how to instantly rise above all the noise and leave your competition in the dust.

But before I go on, let me tell you where this all comes from…

The true copywriting experts over at Agora churn out world-class marketing campaigns like they’re part of an assembly line.

They have the whole process down to a T.

So much so that it’s not unusual for their greenest newbies to create sales letters that pull in several million dollars their first time up to bat. And part of their almost-instant success is what I’m about to tell you.

You see, during their secret copywriting training school, they teach rookies to use this system on everything they do. (Whether it’s emails, lift notes, advertorials, landing pages, sales letters, or space ads. It doesn’t matter. They use it.)

By doing that, they all but guarantee everything they do cuts straight through the fluff … and … is as hard-hitting as possible.

But more importantly…

It guarantees that everything they do has the best chance of grabbing attention and holding it. Giving them the ability to consistently outrun their competitors … earn more money than any other company in their industry … and pretty much write their own paychecks every year.

The Four-Step Checklist

This checklist is one of the many secret weapons Agora uses to pump out million dollar campaigns. And it has one overall purpose: Never give your reader, prospect or customer a reason to stop reading.

1. DON’T make anything confusing

  • Does the copy contain faulty logic?
  • Is it contradictory?
  • Is a new idea introduced in the middle of a discussion of a different topic?
  • Is there anything that could cause the prospect to say, “Huh”?
  • Is the copy moving smoothly from one point to the next or is it looping round on itself?

2. DON’T make anything unbelievable

  • Does the copy over-promise the results of the product/service?
  • Is there a claim that goes way beyond reason?
  • Does the story sound too good to be true?

3. DON’T make anything boring

  • Does your mind wander while reading the copy?
  • Are the descriptions too long?
  • Does the copy contain long, unnecessary lists?
  • Does the copy feel like it’s going uphill rather than downhill? (In other words, does it seem to be getting harder to read as it goes on instead of easier to read.)

4. DON’T make anything awkward

  • Is the copy stiff, unnatural or overly formal?
  • Is it packed with too many modifiers (adjectives and adverbs)?
  • Does it sound as though the writer is trying to impress?
  • Most importantly, does it sound conversational? (Is it hard to read out loud?)

Use this for everything you ever write…

Go down whatever you have written line-by-line using this checklist.

Mark sections where you think you might have violated the rules. Then simply revisit them and do your best to improve those parts.

This simple practice will make everything you ever write stronger, more attention-grabbing, and more attention-holding. From there, it’s up to you to do the rest…