Fast-Track Your Traffic

You’re about to discover the secret way to grow your Pinterest beyond your wildest dreams.

And better yet, you’re about to find out that the “secret way” ONLY takes 3 stupid-simple steps.

Let’s get to it:

Step #1: More results in less time

The key here is to get yourself a scheduling app.

It’s simply an app where you can schedule pins in advance.

And in my mind, there’s only ONE app to even consider.

Because it’s the leading scheduling app with over 200,000 brands and agencies relying on it…

…it blows all of it’s competitors out of the water…

…and it’s the ONLY app of it’s kind to be listed as “an official Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner”.

Pretty damn sweet if you ask me.


Step #2: Find only the best

There’s an art and a science to this.

The art tells you to go off your gut … find the ones that catch your eye, and hope they’ll catch the eye of your target market too.

But let’s be honest…

Science is better.

The science tells you to use educated guesses about what they’ll like, then give it to them.

So, find the biggest accounts in your niche…

Find their best pins…

Pin them to your account…

Rinse and repeat with other accounts…

Then, create similar pins for your own content, pointing back to your own website.


Step #3: Leverage an army

This step turns your growth dial up to ten.

You can use a bunch of different websites to find the top group boards in your niche.

…join ’em thick ‘n fast.

Then do the same with the Tribes in your niche.

Now, the sauce to this secret.

ONLY pin your own content to these places — and do whatever you can to get shares.

Follow those 3 steps and you’ll be chuckling to yourself at how easy it all is from here on out.

I spend less than 15 minutes a week on Tailwind now and my Pinterest is STILL growing.

But the real question is…

What do you do with all of these new followers?

Well, my advice is to turn your audience into cold hard cash, as fast as you can.

And the only thing you need to be able to do that is figuring out the right way to monetize Pinterest.

Don’t worry. I’ve covered that here:

How To Monetize Pinterest

Check it out.