Copywriting Rituals Used Inside Billion-Dollar Direct Response Businesses

Agora —the billion dollars a year information-publishing giant — have a system for training their “elite” copywriters.

Until recently it’s been kept under lock and key — guarded like the holy grail…

…for good reason.

The secrets revealed throughout their nine week Copy Camp are nothing short of life-changing.

And combining those secrets with everything I found in the Dan Kennedy Certified Copywriter program … and various AWAI programs … I’ve ended up with one conclusion.

NOTHING will bring you faster riches, than copywriting. And through this blog…

I’ll reveal hints, tips, tricks and ideas that you can take straight to the bank.

But to address the elephant in the room:

This is usually the point where a few objections crop up, like: “But, I’m a dropout, I can’t earn that kind of money!”


“There’s too much competition!”


“I don’t know where to start!”

Whatever your reason is for not taking action on your goals — there’s one very simple solution. And it's a piece of cake to start doing.

I’ll tell you all about it next time. But for now, you should know:

It’s the foundation Agora uses to turn ordinary writers and marketers into elite copywriters…

…who make million-dollar promotions like clockwork…

…and live life from wherever they choose.

For those writers, it’s 9 weeks of almost torture.

But for you, it’s a leisurely read — with the power to change your life.

Here's the next part: The Secret To Taking Action

Until next time, 

Dan Mallon