Resources For Copywriters


​Research Hacks
Research is the key to all blockbuster advertising and marketing... you can get through it faster


prospect deep-dive research form 

Everything you want to know about your prospect before you put pen to paper, if you want to get the best results.

All business and copywriting success comes from your prospects. At the end of the day, THEY are the ones who will buy what you're selling. That's why getting to know them on a deep level is the key to everything you do. If you know your prospects better than your competitors do, you'll win every single time. You'll acquire customers for less ... you'll have bigger winners ... and you'll earn more money.


turn prospects into raving fans

Turn the guru behind whatever product you're promoting into a celebrity in the eyes of their prospects and customers.

Find out how to earn trust in an increasingly skeptical world. Your prospects and customers don't believe a word you say ... but if you can show them that your guru is trustworthy ... if you can make them fall in love with your guru ... you'll win their business for a lifetime. There are 49 ways to get to know your guru ... give your prospects everything they need to become loyal fans!


​from ordinary to extraordinary
Transform every offer you ever make into something prospects lust after with reckless abandon

80% of your success online is in your offer and your list of customers. Too many copywriters overlook the importance of making your offer seem completely irresistible to prospects. After all, if you can make your offer look like a Ferrari ... with a price tag of only $1,000 ... you don't have to do much "selling" at all. Prospects will chase you down the street cash-in-hand to get what you're offering. These 31 questions will turn your offer into something extraordinary, no matter what you sell!


Benefit extraction workbook
Cram your copy full of explosive benefits and watch as prospects crawl over each other to get what you're selling.

In order to pack your copy with the kind of benefits that prospects want more than anything, you have to start with a products features. The problem is, most copywriters don't come close to the number of features that a product actually has — that means they're not fully exploring every benefit of a product and they're leaving easy money on the table. This workbook has 30 questions to help you fully extract every feature that you can then turn into powerful benefits. 


the proof collection
Prove every promise you ever make ... beyond a shadow of a doubt ... and you'll never worry about money again.

Every month, the promises made online get bigger and bigger. And most of the time, there's absolutely no proof to back up what they're saying. Not only does that set alarm bells off in prospects' minds ... it leaves a huge gap that anyone who's willing to step up with the best proof can fill. And whoever that copywriter is will be sure to see blockbuster response. Prove everything you say with these 39 questions and your bank balance will prove this was a wise-move!