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Why “blogging” is a complete waste of time … and what you should do instead

Blogging has turned into a deadly trap. The promise of freedom, riches and it all being “almost effortless” actually stops most bloggers from ever making a single penny.“Write about your passions…”“Only blog about a topic where you can call yourself an expert…”“Blog for the love of it…”“But also blog to earn $10,000 a month like I […]

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You’ll “Never Get Paid For Them” … But They Could Make You Millions

To a trained copywriter … today’s topic is hardly “news”. Yet it’s the one thing that almost every major direct response company values over anything else. And ironically, it’s something most people say you’ll NEVER get paid for… YOUR IDEAS. The million-dollar giants like Agora, Stansberry Research, The Motley Fool, and others … all hunt for idea-generators. […]

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The Secret To Taking Action

Taking action isn’t easy.But the key — no … the solution — is taking small simple steps every day.The most elite fighting forces in the world ALL train their soldiers to make the bed each and every morning.They don’t do that because they want to be neat and tidy…Or because they want to keep them in line…They do it because […]

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Copywriting Rituals Used Inside Billion-Dollar Direct Response Businesses

Agora —the billion dollars a year information-publishing giant — have a system for training their “elite” copywriters.Until recently it’s been kept under lock and key — guarded like the holy grail……for good reason.The secrets revealed throughout their nine week Copy Camp are nothing short of life-changing.And combining those secrets with everything I found in the Dan Kennedy Certified Copywriter […]

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