Are You Struggling To Pull In New High Profile Clients?

Here's What Your
Should Be 

Make the move and you could double, triple, maybe even quadruple your annual
returns. Don't make it and your customers might dump you for your competitors ...
all because you're missing the ONE "trust signal" they all want to see!

Warning: If your competitors are already using this method, you're at a huge competitive disadvantage. Even if their product/service SUCKS compared to yours — your potential customers will still trust THEM more than they trust YOU...

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Dan Mallon

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Dear Business Builder,

It was Stephen Covey — author of 7 Habits Of Highly Successful People — who said, “Trust is the highest form of human motivation…”

And it was Seth Godin — the entrepreneur and best-selling author, worth over $50 million — who pushed further by saying, “Earn trust, earn trust, earn trust. Then you can worry about the rest.”

But if you’re missing one key piece of “evidence” that most of your prospects and customers want to see, then none of them will have ANY trust in you.

WHY? Because recent research shows that 84% of business buyers trust, and are heavily influenced by this piece of evidence.

And in a B2B company like yours, there is NO excuse for not having highly persuasive documents of this kind.

• Partly because it cripples the number of high-profile clients you attract…

• Partly because it crushes the number of leads you convert into loyal life-long customers…

• Partly because those new customers can’t double, triple, or quadruple your revenue for you…

But MOSTLY because there is no other REAL way for you to turn your business into the “profit fountain” it could be…

The kind of machine that gives you a raise every single day.

And ignoring that means any promises you make to your family … your friends … or your employees — are not worth the breath you use to make them.

You’re choosing not to use the key to everything they ever wanted, and…

The key to everything YOU ever wanted.

 B2B buyers trust this ONE thing
to help them make the decision to
pull out their wallet...

It’s called a white paper: An educational document that defines a business/technical problem — then presents a new and better solution to solve that problem.

They usually fall into the range of 5-10 pages in length … but sometimes they’ll scoot over that to 12, or even 15 pages for highly technical topics.

And believe it or not, they’re HIGHLY sought-out by business buyers to help them make their buying decisions.

In fact, a recent study by Eccolo Media showed that 84% of businesses find white papers to be extremely influential in their purchasing decisions.

More than that, 77% of them admitted to reading one more of them in the last 6 months BEFORE buying.

And those facts mean one thing: B2B companies should be — and the smart ones already are — paying anything they can to bag a copywriter who can write high-quality white papers.

The kind that persuade prospects to learn about, and buy, your products and services.

But what if you’re NOT already using white papers?

"Without at least ONE persuasive
white paper — a B2B company is
at a serious competitive disadvantage"

And here’s why:

A white paper isn’t just an educational document…

When written by a highly-trained copywriter, certain gears and pulleys are concealed beneath the text. 

And it’s those hidden parts that act like “highly-trained covert-salesmen”, constantly pushing your prospect towards buying YOUR product…

WITHOUT it ever seeming like that’s what you’re doing. 

Think of it like this: 

Your current way of making sales is like a car salesman — everyone can see him coming from a mile away and no one enjoys being around him. 

But the white paper is like the guy who takes you to one side when you’re at the gym … talks to you about your goal … tells you what you could do to get more results … helps you to see the better way of doing things … then casually mentions he can help you personally, if you want. 

It’s indirect selling at it’s finest. And it’s worked for thousands of years.

It brings you bags of new
customers ... without  you
doing any extra work

It’s all down to the way your prospects see white papers, what they think about them, and how they help solve their problems.

The benefit is that there’s more than one way they harvest new leads … new customers … and new money:

1. Prospects, customers and competitors will all see YOU as the authority

Think about this. 

If I gave you the choice between:

Being treated by a Doctor that no one has ever heard of … or … being treated by a Doctor that is highly-trained, has published relevant medical papers and who makes you feel like you can trust him … which would you choose?

Kind of an obvious answer I know…

But it’s the same sort of situation for your customers. 

Prospects and customers come to you because they believe you know more than anyone else about your product or service.

And if you have a high-quality white paper ready for them, then of course they’ll lean heavily towards trusting you,and buying from you (especially if your competitors don’t have one yet).


If you DON’T have a white paper … or you have a very badly written one … then those same customers and prospects will stop dead in their tracks. 

Just having one paper will quickly show any potential customers that you know more than all of your competitors … it’ll make them feel like you care about them enough to give away “free” information … it’ll prove how seriously you take their money and that you don’t just expect them to pay before they’re happy with the decision. 

2. More trust ... more sales ... easier closing ... less time per call

To make sales hand-over-fist, you need your prospects to trust you.

In fact, according to the Wolf of Wall Street himself (Jordan Belfort), your prospects flat out won’t buy from you unless they trust: you,  your company, and your product. 

Now, sometimes people turn around and say “But that’s why I have sales staff ready to pitch the products.”

But if you think 10 minutes on the phone to a salesman is going to fix all of that … I’m sorry to say, but you’re wrong. 

People don’t trust salesmen at the best of times…

And people don’t like to feel they’re being sold on something anyway…

A white paper doesn’t do that. 

It doesn’t set off those alarms in his head.

Instead it sneaks past their sales defence … and acts like a marker for your sales team, tagging anyone who reads it with a “buyer” label.

And the truth is, your sales staff would have a MUCH higher success rate — no matter how well they’re trained — if your prospects were picking up the phone already 90% sold on your product. 

More than that…

If your white paper does 90% of the selling … then your staff only need to “close” the last 10% — that means the time they spend on the phone per customer just dropped through the floor. 

And with less time spent selling each customer, your sales team can get through more calls per day. 

So, if your staff only get through 4 phone calls an hour now … you can expect to double or triple that when every answered call becomes a simple cake-walk to the finish line. 

3. Generate more leads with less effort AND easily nurture the leads you already have

People like free stuff — and they’ll pony up their contact information, sometimes a pet or two, even their least favourite child, in order to get their hands on it. 

And since lead generation is one of the big goals of content marketing, you can tick that box almost instantly. 

But, without a doubt, the biggest part of this is the fact that you no longer have to work for the leads…

Once you have a white paper in place, it can pretty much run on auto-pilot — bringing in new leads all day every day, even while you sleep. 

And the benefits don’t stop there…

Your white paper will also act as a tool to nurture any leads that haven’t converted into customers yet. 

And it’s easy to see how this works:

Let’s say I’m struggling to properly market my business by email … and at some point in the past … I’d given you my contact information … so I was one of your leads.

Now, if you dropped into my inbox offering me a free white paper that showed me the best way to solve my problem, what is my reaction going to be?

I’m going to love you for it. 

And if it made sense, I’d obviously want to buy from you there and then!

4. Erase the time spent "explaining" what your product or service is ... and ... what it does for your customers

In business, wasting time is something you feel in your wallet almost instantly. 

But, what you might not realise is every day you DON’T have a white paper, you ARE wasting time. 

That’s because a percentage of your time — and your employees’ time — is wasted explaining what you do … how you help … and all the other basic parts of your offer.

If you have 10 people on your sales force, all repeating the same word-for-word script about what you do as a company … then just think about all the time you’ll save once you have a white paper that does all that for you. 

If ALL of your leads have read that white paper, most won’t need that stuff explaining to them again … they’ll just want to tell you their credit card details. 

5. Give them reasons to buy ... reasons to choose YOU over competitors ... and reasons they can give to their bosses, wives, husbands, children, friends, the postman ... everyone

Business to business buyers have to justify almost everything they do these days, including smaller and smaller transactions. 

They have to bring together a “board” who vote on a particular solution … they have to win over their boss when they’ve chosen a solution themselves … they have to justify it to their wife or their husband if they happen to be the CEO. 

The point is, without your white paper, they have to come up with those reasons themselves. 

And believe me, you don’t want that…

WHY? Because you can’t control what they come up with … or if they’ll come up with anything at all. 

If they can’t convince their wife, husband or boss that this purchase makes sense, then you don’t make the sale.

And if your competitors have white papers and you don’t?

Then your competitor is the one who gave them all the reasons to buy from them, and…

Well, let’s just say that … eventually … your competitors will take over. 

WAIT! You're NOT off
to the races just yet...

Before you go anywhere, there’s a few things we need to clear up.

It’s not as easy as slapping together a few words in a PDF and hoping you got it right. 

And it’s not as easy as going out there and throwing $500 at the nearest freelancer and hoping they get it right. 

Look, it’s just not easy…

If it was — as cliche as this is — everyone would do it. 

And even then, it’s no different to anything else in life…

Even if everyone did it…

There’s still going to be a right way and a wrong way … a high quality and a low quality … a version that makes you rich and a version that ruins your company’s image.

So, if you can’t write them yourself, here’s a few ways you could do it…

1. You could  learn to write them yourself...

This is a perfectly good way to go, with one small catch — you need a lot of free time.

And you’ll also need the breathing space in your business to let someone else takeover while you go off learning a completely new skill.

You can’t just “wing it” and hope you’ll hit the same level.

Heck, most copywriters can’t hit the same level because all they did was read a few $10 books on Amazon and started calling themselves a copywriter.


This isn't just 10 pages of text ... it's a persuasive piece of copy that a highly skilled copywriter usually writes.

And if that copywriter is highly skilled then they will bury concealed "gears" and "pulleys" throughout — so that your prospects are clambering for their wallets by the end.

2. You could  hire a cheap freelancer...

But, cheap investments get cheap results.

In this game you might be better setting the money on fire than giving it to a cheap copywriter.


If a company you thought were incredibly professional — and worthy of your hard-earned money — had a promotional document on their website and it looked like it was written by a 12 year old child … then would you still think they were worthy of your money afterwards? Probably not.


A white paper is used and trusted by 84% of buyers before they make their decision.

So doesn't it make sense that a bad white paper will do you and your business more damage than good?

3. You could  have one of your employees learn to write one...

Again, this could work, but it’s rife with problems.

First, do you have the patience to put your growth on hold for 12 months while they get up to some level of speed…

Then, are you willing to help them land freelancing gigs so they can practice their new skill before risking it on your company’s reputation. And, are you willing to do all that, then have them write your white paper … and potentially still end up with a bad result?

And if it went that way … would you be able to live with yourself knowing you wasted another whole year, and countless man hours, just to say you tried?


Any employee that you spend time and money training to do this highly specialised skill is going to need a HEFTY raise at the end of it.

Because if they have a jot of sense - which you'd HAVE to pick someone with more than a jot of sense to do this - then they'll know EXACTLY what their new skill is worth. 

On the other hand, if they did write a successful white paper…

You can expect at some point, they’re going to hold that fact over your head.

They’ll want a raise … and in all fairness, they’ll deserve a raise because they brought in the new customers. 

And that’s the same hard-truth you’ll see in everyone else’s eyes … including your friends and family’s:

No one will give you the credit.

And if they don’t pull it off … you’ve wasted time and money, and in everyone else’s eyes … it WILL be all your fault.

Either way — you’re screwed.

But that’s where my next solution comes in.

Not just to avoid ever putting yourself in that position, but to guarantee you do get the credit … and you don’t risk any failures coming back on you.

It’s the best choice by a country mile.

Here's how you can STILL have a
profit-surging white paper without
all of that heartache 

You know that trust is important … and it’s vital to your success in business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re suffering with poor lead generation … low conversion rates … or even a competitive niche, you need to do SOMETHING to put yourself back in the drivers seat and better yet, ahead of the pack.

HOW? The answer lies in recent research:

  • Ecolo Media found that 84% of business buyers trust white papers to help them make their decision...
  • The same study showed over 77% of these buyers had read at least one in the last 6 months...
  • check
    And when asked to "rate" each possible marketing document, white papers were ranked far and above the others.

But here’s the problem.

Without having at least one for your own company, you put yourself at a serious competitive disadvantage.

Even a competitor with a worse product can steal away large chunks of your customer base — and brand image — just because they have a white paper, and you don’t.

They have the ability to single-handedly transform the way you attract leads, customers, and money…

They give you the possibility to finally pull new leads and customers in on auto-pilot…

While improving your positioning in the market … while slashing the amount of time your employees have to spend explaining products/services … and while giving you more sales in less time by bringing you leads who are already mostly sold.

Yes, it does a hell of a lot for your business — that’s why it has a hefty price tag.

But when you do the math … it’s quite possibly the easiest way to “buy dollars for dimes”.

In fact…

If you pull it off … you’ll make most bankers, lawyers and doctors blush when they hear how much you earned recently.

An investment in an $8000 white paper, written by a highly-trained copywriter, could bring in returns of up to $1.8 million over 5 years. (Assuming the only product you had was a $500/month membership and the white paper brought you JUST two new customers a month, every month.)

That’s a return on investment of 22,400% — where else will you EVER get that kind of return?

Don’t believe me? Check it out yourself with this calculator:

How Much Is A White Paper Worth To You?

Use this calculator to see what kind of return on investment YOU can expect from a high quality white paper.

What will your investment be?

Let's go on the high-end and say your white paper is going to cost $8000
and you want 4 of them...

What is your return-on-investment?

Note: Assuming every month you get new customers, AND you keep the new customers from the month before too. 
• Month 1 = 2 new customers total...
• Month 2 = 4 new customers total...
• Month 3 = 6 new customers total...
• Month 4 = 8 new customers total...

How to drastically improve your chances
 of THIS kind of success with your 
very own white paper 

If you’re the kind of person who values your brand image and doesn’t want to waste money on a poorly-performing copywriter…

Then it’s a VERY good idea to try to get on the dance card of a well-trained one.

And when I say well trained, I mean it. 

I don’t mean one who has had a few clients and thinks they can take on ANY copywriting project now…

I don’t mean one who has read a few $10 books on Amazon and read a few blogs about copywriting…

And I definitely don’t mean one whose only “training” consisted of a University/College course…

What I mean by trained is: a copywriter who boasts some sort of relevant certification, verification or credibility in the field…


Someone who has worked in one of the big direct mail companies and has trained under the A-list copywriters who earn upwards of a million dollars a year. 

And if you really want to put yourself in a position where “betting the house” wouldn’t be much of a risk … find a copywriter who has also completed AWAI’s world-class white paper course. 

Personally, even with the verifications and certifications that I’ve completed … there’s no way I would be able to crank out the kind of money-sucking white paper that I can now, without having done that white paper course first.

The choice is yours…

…but in my eyes those requirements just add another layer of proof that should help you to make a better decision.

If you want to talk about your own business-building … and life-changing white paper, then fill out the enquiry form here.

Til’ next time,

Dan Mallon