A “Formula” Won’t Give You Million Dollar Copy

I don’t usually do this.

But I offered a complimentary critique on someone’s copy yesterday.

He sent it over this morning and when I got round to it…I almost wished I hadn’t offered.

Now don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t his fault…

But what I saw was nothing short of D-level copy.

The ONLY reason it didn't look like a complete FAIL in my eyes was the fact it had a structure to it...

And there lies the problem.

You see, this poor sap had fallen for the old guru trick of selling a formula.

A formula for success…

A template the guru used to earn millions…

And the promise that now, for a limited time (never true), you can do the same…

I won’t name names. But I will say this.

Formulas Won't Just
"Work For Everyone"

And here’s why.

Let’s say your life goal is to play golf at the professional level.

It’s a competitive field, right?

So your chances are already slim.

But that’s what makes it worth it.

So, you play a round every week, practising from the tee and on the green.

Weeks go by and you still don’t really feel it. You can’t get in the groove. Your shots are hit n’ miss.

But lucky you...Tiger Woods is friends with one of your golf buddies...

So, your buddy invites him out and you get to talking.

Tiger offers to lend a hand.

He walks you through everything he does.

Shows you how to set up…

How to stand…

How to swing…

How to putt once you’re on the green…

And so on.

Then, he’s gone, you’re back on your own…ready to do this.

What Do You
Think Will Happen?

Let me tell you.

You’ll DEFINITELY be better.

No doubt about it.


You’re still not gonna be on his level.

You’re still not gonna be a top pro just from that one session.

And you sure as shit won’t be the next Tiger Woods just because he showed you his formula.

Yet, this is 10x better than the deal you get with "some gurus" formula...


Because they’re NOT showing you in person how to use it.

Again, let’s go back to Tiger.

If he sent you a book…or a video course…

Showing you his formula.

You could see it, watch it till you’re blue in the face, eat with it and sleep with it…

And you’re STILL not gonna be able to do what he does.

Because he’s been practising since he was 6 months old…

He was ruthlessly trained every day by his dad…

He won championships by the time he was a teenager…

He has the experience and skill he needs to put that “formula” to use. 

THAT Is What Those
Guru's Are Selling You

An in-the-box solution…

A recipe…

A formula.

But, they don’t point out the fact that they worked their ass off for 6 years before they got good enough to write a winning sales letter.

They don’t tell you they then took another 6 months before they got rich from one.

They don’t tell you it took another 12 months of testing before they felt like they had a “formula” for success.

And then another year or whatever before they were ready to release it as a “course”.

Well guess what?

And I hate to be the bearer of bad news.

But all that time studying…practising…honing their craft…

THAT is the reason they're successful...

Not some formula.

That’s a byproduct of their success…not the cause of it.

If you…me…and Dan Kennedy…and Clayton Makepeace…and Gary Halbert (when he was around)…and John Caples (when he was around), all had that same formula.

Do you think we’d all get the same results?

We’d all make a million bucks?

We’d all have the same success just because we used the formula?

Hell. No.

As much as I’m doing everything I can to have my name up next to theirs one day. I sure as shit wouldn’t be cocky enough to say I’m on their level NOW.

And even if I was on their level…it wouldn’t be a simple formula that put me there.

My Advice...

Don’t be scared of a little hard work and studying if you want to pursue copywriting as a career. There’s really no substitute.

And if you’re an entrepreneur…a marketer…or a business owner…

STOP wasting your time. You don’t need to learn everything yourself. You’re guaranteed better results if you outsource your copywriting to a professional.

Here’s some logical proof:

Think about it like this. 

Doctors don’t operate on themselves…and that IS their craft…

What do you think will happen to your copy…to your results…and to your profit, if you “operate on yourself”?


Yours for straight lines to bigger profits, 

Dan “Guru Slayer” Mallon