55% Of America Apparently Would … But Would You?

Yesterday, I came across an … interesting … statistic.

Apparently, 55% of Americans claim they would continue working even if they received a $10,000,000 cash prize.

In my eyes, that makes 55% of Americans complete liars.

Job dissatisfaction is at an all time high. (And that goes for almost every industry.) But more interestingly, job dissatisfaction has also crept into the lives of entrepreneurs and business owners who have opted to not even have a “job”.

Worse, they tend to feel more isolated, more stressed, and more anxious than everyone else in the rat-race.

So the question is: WHY are they often feeling more stress and pressure than their 9-5 friends and family? …when the whole reason they stepped out of that mould was to live a life of freedom.

Because entrepreneurs are scared

Whenever I see entrepreneurs struggling with their business, it usually boils down to one thing…

They’re stuck working INSIDE their business. And they have no clear path to get out of the rut they’re in and start working ON their business instead.

It’s as though they’ve chosen to walk out of a prison full of other daily-grind workers … and have worked straight into solitary confinement. They closed the door behind themselves, started squirrelling away on a keyboard, built up a successful business, but now…

They can’t get out of that jail cell.

Worse, they’ve been in there so long, they have no idea how to get out of the position they now find themselves in … and they haven’t got the faintest idea where to even begin.

But here’s where the fear comes in.

Entrepreneurs often stand at the door to their own jail cell, screaming for someone to come and help them. They wail-away — kicking and punching the door, they scratch at the lock until their hands bleed.

And whenever somebody does approach them, key in hand, ready to unlock the door and give them the freedom they seek so badly…

The entrepreneur gets so scared that what they’ve built inside their cell will disappear, they slam the door shut and return to their self-inflicted captivity.


Because most of the time, they’re just too scared to “let go of the reigns”.

Even if it means working with someone who could set them free by multiplying their profits many times over.

But imagine this…

Instead of leaving your business in that jail cell — someone new came along, opened up the prison doors and told you that you could come and go as you pleased.

Better yet, they’d help you turn that jail cell into your dream business.

They’d help you whenever you needed it.

But they’d never threaten what you’ve built because they’re never actually “inside” your business.

It’s as though they’re working on it from the outside.

That means, all you actually need to do to break free from your shackles is find someone who can do just that: Work on your business from the outside.

If you do, you’d finally unlock the freedom you need to work ON your business.

You’d have more prospects walking through your doors…

You’d turn more of those prospects into customers…

You’d have those customers come back more often.

You’d finally be in a position to double-down on your best-selling products, maybe even turning them into industry-leaders … you could cut your expenses  … watch your cash flow increase dramatically … and most importantly — you’d finally be free to come and go as you please.

Giving your business attention when it needs it…

And living a life of freedom when you want to.