Hi, I'm dan mallon

i uncover hidden profit opportunities for business owners and entrepreneurs.


After watching a successful business I was supposed to takeover get driven in to the ground by it's owner, I discovered two things: 

  • Most business owners have no system in place to attract new, high-paying customers
  • Most business owners turn to advertising and web design companies who promptly take them for an expensive ride — with no real, measurable results in sight. 

So, after being trained by several multi-millionaires, I started using a proven 5-step system that can quickly and easily drag in dozens of new customers per day ... DOUBLING profits in 12 months ... and TRIPLING them within 36 months!

The "trust me" stuff...

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what others say...

More than just a damn good copywriter

Dan Mallon is one of my 'go to' writers.

More than just being a damn good copywriter, he knows design, understands the flow of funnels, and is a great overall marketer.

He's reliable, he's an idea-generator, and he's a genuinely good person.

If you're looking for a writer who can do more than just jot down what you're saying, this is the guy to help you grow

Itay Bengal Founder of Financial Copy Shop

Knows how to use everything you need to drive BIG profits...

Dan talks to prospects 1-on-1 in a very engaging conversational style, but he still maintains a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic tone through every paragraph.

When it comes to the product he's promoting...

He really makes the benefits come alive and writes outstanding bullets that tease prospects and create an almost insatiable curiosity.

But more importantly, he knows exactly how to push for the sale, using all the response-boosting elements you need to drive BIG profits in your business.

Jason Holland Copywriter For International Living

HIGHLY recommend you hire him now!

Hi my name is Chad Ockstadt. Me and my fiance Holly have been in sales and marketing for 15 years and in online marketing for 5 years.

We were making some changes to our webinar because it wasn't doing as well as we hoped.

But Dan took one look at our webinar funnel and completely broke down about 10 things that weren't right with it.

Our messaging was all over the place. He pointed it all out and suggested some amazing tweaks which we believe will create a massive increase in sales!

I would HIGHLY recommend you hire him for your project.

Chad Ockstadt Founder of Agency OnDemand

Finds the little tweaks that make the biggest difference

One of my projects was already off to a good start, but it just needed a critique to make sure I was giving 110%.

Dan showed me I was already 95% of the way there, then he picked up on the little nuances that turned "a good start" into a "great finish".

He found everything from minor spelling and grammar errors to whole paragraph re-positioning and even wrote new sections of copy I could use!

All of it improved the flow and made the project stronger. Overall, Dan is super-friendly and incredibly professional in his copy reviews.

Gabe Hernandez Founder of Copy Fiesta

Empowered me to continue towards a high-paying copywriting career...

I was looking to get feedback on a piece of copy for my portfolio when I found Dan. He agreed to critique it for me.

A couple of hours later he sent me over a PDF containing the most detailed dissection I've ever seen.

He included everything from spelling mistakes to offer restructuring, and even added content with explanations to why he wrote what he wrote.

All of this without making me feel bad, but rather empowered to continue my journey towards a high-paying copywriting career.

Thanks Dan!

Erik Rydén

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